• Introduction

Your thesis statement must match the kind of Essay you are writing, i.e., if you are writing an informative essay, no need to argue or persuade with your thesis statement, press on with the idea that your Essay is going to be explaining. On the other hand, if you are going to write an argumentative essay, compare and contrast Essay, or persuasive Essay, your thesis statement should be persuasive; that is, you should state your stand and briefly explain why you have chosen that stance.

  • Style of the Thesis Statement

The style should be dependent on how long the Essay will be.

  • If it will be a short one, say, five paragraphs, you want to state your topic sentence, declare your stance if it applies and then briefly explain in just two or three points. These two or three points, will be what you will expound upon in the body of the Essay, but on the other hand, if your Essay is going to be longer, you won’t be able to cram in a summary all the points your Essay will be addressing in your thesis statement. What you should do is to:
  • State your topic
  • Declare your stance if it applies
  • Use one blanket statement that summarizes the essence of your Essay

Remember: Thesis Statement is a very short part of your Essay, there is no need making it longer than it needs to be.

  • If your Essay is going to be a long one, you will need to compress the ideas of all those answers into one statement

A thesis statement should not just be a statement of fact that everybody knows, even if you are writing an informative essay.

Starting your Essay with a fact that everybody knows is building yourself a dead end. There is nowhere else to go from there, and that could practically render your Essay useless. Write a statement that can be contended, a statement that would make your readers want to read your Essay.

Make sure every point you mention in your thesis statement is properly explained in the Essay’s body. A thesis statement should typically be part of your introduction, probably the last sentence of your introduction.

The idea is to get your audience interested in your Essay.

A thesis statement should be a kind of summary of your Essay’s idea; it should not be obscure; rather, it should be specific.



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